The virtual currency Bitcoin is on the rise, but so is its energy consumption: why is that?

It’s not like that. The value of bitcoins soared to $ 44,000 last week following the announcement by US millionaires and entrepreneurs. Elon Musk They are car company Tesla Will invest more in bitcoins. Christ the plant of critics, because Elon Musk did not follow a green figure with his electric Tesla and other projects?

“Bitcoins are performance resistant,” he says David Haggard, Bitcoin expert and writer “50-foot blockchain attack” To the BBC. There may be technically low energy consumption solutions. “But more efficient hardware will not help, they will only compete with other more efficient hardware. This means the use of bitcoins, thus increasing its CO2 production.”

“Tesla received $ 1.5 billion in green subsidies, funded by taxpayers. Now it invests in $ 1.5 billion in bitcoins, which primarily run on electricity extracted from coal.” Heckhardt believes this grant should be investigated.

Does Heckard find a solution? He says the tax on digital currencies could offset some of the negative consequences.

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