Hasselt University’s magnetometer successfully installed on the ISS | Science

“It’s a great moment we’re proud of as a team. We’re showing that our technology can also be used in space,” says team leader Jaroslav Hrube in the ad. “We received a good, clear signal, without any technical issues. It was what we were hoping for. An incredible moment.”

Hasselt University students have been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) as the best teams of ten university students from Europe to conduct their experiment in space.

The quantum magnetometer, called OSCAR-QUBE, will take measurements aboard the International Space Station in the coming months and map the magnetic field around the Earth. All the while, the magnetometer will send the data back to the Diebenbeck campus, after which the students will start working. If they achieve their primary goal, “our technology will change the way magnetometry is performed in space,” says one of them, Jarnie Bearden.

After staying on the space station, the SpaceX-CRS25 rocket’s magnetometer will return to Earth.

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