Have you always wanted to play Mario Kart in real life? Battlekart makes this possible

Mario Kart Cool, but after countless times of virtual racing, you’re probably ready for something new. For example, how about Mario Kart In real life? We don’t talk about it Remy Gillard Or karting via Tokyo because that is now prohibited, but regarding BattleKart.

It’s a bit like CrazyKarts in UtrechtBut BattleKart is more like playing the popular Nintendo game. Battle Karts They are electric buggies that give you power-ups and fire things up. Just like in the game, you can get these boosts by driving over certain planes and you can then use them to shoot your opponent. By the way, all this happens without direct references to Mario Kart related to licensing.

How does BattleKart work?

BattleKart works with ceiling-mounted projectors that indicate a path and power-ups on the road. On your screen you can see which electric forces you have and you can then release them. With this you can hit someone and force the card to stop. It is also possible to use the type Rocket LeagueGame like play or classic a snake. In addition, there are more options. The Dutch should be abroad for this reason Battle Kart You can only play in Belgium, Germany and France at the moment.

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Show some pictures here

The video below shows how it all works. It also turns out that the buggies don’t go very fast, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

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