Hay fever? This app tells you what pollen is currently in the air

Hay fever

If you enter your location on Klarify, you will instantly receive location-specific information about the amount of pollen at that moment. For example, there was a relatively high amount of pollen in Amsterdam on Tuesday, especially from grasses and to a lesser extent from trees. You can also check the weather forecast, air quality, and even what’s in the air.

Need more information? The app also contains comprehensive information about which plants can cause allergies – including an “Allergy Calendar” that shows which pollen and other allergens (such as dust mites and insects) you should take into account and in which months. Tree season is almost over, but grasses and weeds will be the culprit in the coming months. Many people are allergic to herbs in particular.

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Prefer more personal advice? Then you can also keep an allergy diary in the app. Accordingly, you can set notifications so that the app keeps you informed of the exact number of wipes you need to put in your bag.

Finally, Klarify offers information about allergy tests and possible treatments. Of course, always consult a doctor for your personal condition. You can also use the app to find an allergist near you.

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