Headphones are now standard in the group rooms on the UZ Gent maternity ward

Six months ago, UZ Gent started a pilot project on the maternity ward to increase patient privacy during a consult round. “It’s really the intention that patients will then be able to speak freely. They should be able to say whatever they want. And to ensure that, we decided to try headphones,” explains gynecologist Isabelle Dehaene.

“The patient who is not wearing headphones and therefore does not hear anything.” UZ hopes women will talk more easily about physical and psychological complaints.

The pilot project was well received by patients, according to a survey. “They indicate that the headphones are a good thing. They increase well-being and general well-being,” Dehaene explains. “Patients also pick up on the system well themselves. We provide the headphones ourselves, but we see more patients providing the earphones themselves when we come in.” Headphones are now not only common in the maternity ward, but also in neonatology.

Other hospitals have since launched similar projects. “I got a lot of questions. I’m sure headphones are now also used elsewhere,” says Dehaene.

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