This research shows that exercising in the morning can improve your work day

Running can be great at any time of the day and can have a positive impact on your physical and mental state. Exercising at the end of the workday helps process all of the day’s impressions and stimuli, allowing you to sleep better and deeper. According to new research, we should also run more before work.

This is how morning exercise affects your work day

This was done by a team of German scientists Research the effect of morning exercise on your work day. The results were clear: Participants who exercised before work not only appeared more alert and better able to focus throughout the day, but they also reported having greater self-confidence.

They responded more positively to setbacks and problems during their work: instead of more stress, participants actually gained more energy and approached their tasks as “positive challenges.” This in turn ensures that participants feel more committed to their work and go home with less physical and emotional fatigue at the end of the day. In short: By exercising in the morning, you will have more focus, self-confidence and happiness at work.

Practice for your workday

And it’s not just running, other forms of exercise seem to have this effect as well. So you can easily replace morning jogging with strength training, yoga or swimming. Varying your training, also called cross-training, has many benefits.

Side noteIn this study, the focus is on people who exercise in the morning and work during the day. Scientists hypothesize that people with different work hours can benefit equally from pre-work training, regardless of when they start work. More research is needed on the effect of exercise time.

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Would you also like to reap the benefits of early training? With these tips, you too will become a morning runner.

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