“Legal” Call of Duty cheats provide aim assistance to players using a mouse and keyboard

In shooting games, you typically play faster and more accurately with a mouse and keyboard, but to make up for that, players with a controller get some aiming assistance. But now a new cheat has been discovered that combines the best of both.

The cheat uses a program called reWASD. This makes it possible to register input from the mouse and keyboard as input from the controller. The software also doesn’t allow for bounce scripts, which is what multiplayer games prefer Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of duty modern warfare 3 It is of course a problem.

Currently, reWASD is not detected by Call of Duty’s anti-cheat system because the software is not specifically intended for cheating. Instead, the software should make games accessible to players with disabilities, but can therefore be seriously abused by other players. So the question is whether Activision will allow essentially legal software for a long time to come, or whether other measures will be taken to prevent abuse.

The reWASD issue doesn’t just affect Call of Duty. The abuse first came to light with Finals, but of course many other games are vulnerable to it as well.

However, aim assist for players with controllers is somewhat controversial, especially when it comes to cross-play and players with a mouse and keyboard on one hand and a controller on the other are in the same games. After all, some players are very good at using a controller, and thanks to the aiming assistance, they can sometimes easily dominate less powerful players with a mouse and keyboard.

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