The failure of the moon landing mission, and there is no chance of landing on the moon Science and the planet

It was already scary, and now it’s also official: America’s commercial lunar lander has failed to reach its destination. After the launch on Monday, there was a fuel leak. “Unfortunately, due to the leak, there is no opportunity to make a soft landing on the Moon,” said the space company Astrobotic, which designed and built the Peregrine lander.

The liftoff went smoothly, but in space the spacecraft was unable to point its solar panels toward the sun due to a fuel leak. Without sunlight, the ship cannot generate electricity.

The Aviation Administration was able to solve the problem of solar panels coming from the ground, but the same problem returned several times. end of story.

Watch also. The lunar lander immediately ran into problems yesterday:

The peregrine falcon is usually supposed to land on the moon’s surface in late February. No commercial lander has ever successfully reached there. An attempt by a Japanese space company last year also failed. Only the United States itself, the Soviet Union, China and India succeeded in landing on the moon.

On board the lunar lander are measuring instruments, but also the remains and genetic material of 330 people, including several “Star Trek” actors and assassinated US President John F. Kennedy.

Photo of the lunar lander launch. © Agence France-Presse

Astrobotic wants to contribute to new manned missions to the Moon, and has received tens of millions in subsidies from the US space agency NASA.

According to Astrobotic, Peregrine has about 40 hours of fuel left. This means that the task ends on Thursday. Until then, the company wants to collect as much information as possible. This data can help with the next task. At the end of this year, Astrobotic wants to bring a larger lander to the Moon, with an unmanned rover on board. It will search for traces of water ice at the moon’s south pole. This could help in developing bases on the moon.

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