It freezes to -6 degrees at night and yet our car windows don’t freeze, how can this be possible?

The mercury dropped to -6 degrees or even lower in many places last night. However, the car’s windows were not frozen this morning. This has to do with low humidity which causes other problems.

Some winter mornings, we have to scrape our windshield before we leave, and other mornings, like today, we don’t. “This has to do with the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere and the temperature. Humid outside air causes condensation on your car, which freezes at sub-zero temperatures. It froze a little last night, but the humidity is low right now.” And when there’s a little Water vapor or humidity, there’s nothing to freeze,” meteorologist Frank DeBusser explains simply.

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Anyone who leaves their car outside tonight and perhaps tomorrow evening won’t have to make much of an effort to protect the windshield with cardboard or an anti-freeze blanket. Humidity remains low so we probably won’t have to scratch Wednesday and Thursday morning. Starting Friday, the air will become more humid, but the worst of the cold snap will also be over.

“It froze a little last night, but the humidity is low right now. When there’s little water vapor or moisture, there’s nothing to freeze.”

Frank DeBussier


Not having to clean the car windows of ice in the morning is a great advantage. But low air humidity also has disadvantages. Especially for those who are hypersensitive to it.

Static electricity

You know how it happens: you put on your jacket and your hair blows in the wind, or you get a shock when you open the car door. Or it literally fires sparks when you kiss your girlfriend. Static electricity is more common in winter. Especially if there is little moisture in the air. Like now.

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“There is then a very small amount of water vapor that – as an excellent conductor – can conduct electricity. People with dry skin are more sensitive to it than others. It provides more residual charge, because it cannot escape through the moisture on the skin. In addition to that “You should also pay attention to your clothes, because with synthetic fabrics, such as wool, nylon, and acrylic, you risk shipping them much faster than with natural fabrics like cotton,” says DeBusser, who also suffers from this a lot himself.

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