The peak of inflation in the West appears to be behind us: inflation is also starting to weaken in the UK

Inflation appears to have peaked in many western regions. After the US and the Eurozone, we are also seeing weak inflation in the UK.

Why is this important?

Several western regions have published November inflation figures in recent weeks. These seem to indicate that peak inflation is behind us. This increases the possibility that central banks will press the handbrake less forcefully during upcoming interest rate meetings.

In the news: The inflation rate in Britain reached 10.7 percent on an annual basis in November. This is 40 basis points lower than in October, when cash depreciation rose to the highest level in the past 41 years.

  • The inflation rate is lower than expected. Economists expected consumer prices to rise by 10.9 percent.
  • There is also weakness on a monthly basis. For example, life in the UK became 0.4 per cent more expensive in November than it had been

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