Health podcast conversation: What are the consequences of being overweight?

Are you overweight or obese? In this podcast, Professor Hanno Bell explains what happens in the body when you are overweight. Why is being overweight a risk factor for disease, and exactly how does it work? Very clear explanation from a very experienced doctor!

Professor Dr. Dr. Hanno Bell is an internist and Professor of Diabetology at Leiden University Medical Center. Together with The Health Conversation host, Karen Hunanderdus, he recently wrote a bookoverweight? make yourself better“.

This episode of The Health Conversation is part of a trilogy about obesity. Other guests are Professor Lisbeth Van Rossum and internist Mariette Boone. Our previous podcast with Hanno Pijl can be found here.

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No time to listen to this podcast or read what was said? Here is a summary of the conversation.

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