Health Week meeting at De Serre van Rozendaal

For many Rozendalers, Wednesday morning is a weekly moment to look forward to. They met each other for a number of years at De Serre van Rozendaal: a church building that was used as a multifunctional after being renovated with new spaces.

De Serre has since grown into a place to live together and socialize with others. On October 20th – the fourth day of Health Week – Rosendale Mayor Esther Weststein came to meet new and well-known visitors.

During Mayor Weststeijn’s visit, he told several guests why the meeting at De Serre was important to them. “As you get older, you have to constantly motivate yourself. De Serre provides the opportunity to motivate that. It is relaxing, interesting, about the past and serious matters, but sometimes it is not about anything.” says one of the visitors. The second guest adds: “We’re not just talking here, we’re really listening. I feel at home and everyone really cares about each other. That’s what makes de Siri so special to me.”

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Says the third speaker of the morning “I may be alone, but not alone, in part because of de Siri. Humans are social creatures and I think it is important to continue to maintain the network.” Mayor Weststeijn listened intently: “I see a group of people – all with different and interesting pasts – who still want to live life to the fullest. It’s great to see that a place like de Siri encourages that.”.


The meeting place was created about six years ago, when the church was renovated and multifunctional spaces created. Volunteers took the opportunity to open De Serre to new activities. Esse van Hall enthusiastically volunteered to organize a morning meeting. He says: “I started as a host and now coordinate the morning and program. I get energy from organizing these kinds of activities for others. I think it’s especially important to take good care of people who are getting old. Most of my visitors are single and have very active and socially engaged lives. I really enjoy the stories they share, And life stories that unfold and songs from the past that are spontaneously sung. It gives a great feeling to make this possible for visitors.”

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Wednesday mornings don’t consist only of chatting. De Serre organizes lectures, concerts and workshops about twice a month. Then it’s often a good time for stories of travels around the world, politics, books, movies, and other common interests. “It has become a very close group, with people from Philp, Rosendal, Rheden and Nord Arnhem. There is even a private chauffeur who takes visitors from the house and brings them back. We also like to welcome new guests, there is still plenty of room!” Curator Esse van Hall concludes with an invitation.

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Health Week meeting at De Serre van Rozendaal

More meeting moments at Rheden & Rozendaal

Would you like to visit the morning meeting? Visit De Serre (Kerklaan 15, Rozendaal) on Wednesday mornings between 10am and 12:30pm or email us [email protected]. The municipalities of Rheden and Rozendaal have many different places to meet. a look at To get an overview of nearby activities.

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From Sunday 17 October to Friday 22 October is Health Week for the municipalities of Rheden and Rozendaal. Every day a health event, project or story is highlighted. This launches Rheden & Rozendaal’s new prevention agreement: Healthy Together Stronger. A large group of organizations signed this agreement before the summer, with concrete plans and actions that bring a healthy choice closer. There are three main themes: feeling good about your skin (healthy lifestyle), being wise with money (financial health) and being strong together (meeting and socializing). See also

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(Photos Lot Louisa: Visitors to the morning meeting tell Roosendaal Mayor Esther Weststeijn why Serre is so important to them.)

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