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Lead a healthy life, feel happy, be able to participate in the community and feel balanced. A number of matters are high on the agenda at the Kern Gezond Texel cooperative, which has been on the island for some time.

The cooperative grew out of the “Coalition Positive Health Texel” foundation created in 2016. The municipality, carers, social welfare and a few other organizations have joined forces to work together for more health for all Texel residents. It was for the future: Texel is aging rapidly and young people can sometimes lead an unhealthy lifestyle, creating the risk that at some point the care facilities on the island will be in too much demand, until they are unable to. longer able to meet the demand. In this case, a care infarction can occur, which Kern Gezond Texel hopes to prevent on all sides.

If people can stay healthy and energetic for as long as possible, there is a good chance that care facilities will be used less so that care remains up to standards and is not overburdened. This way, everyone who needs it can continue to access care and also receive the care they need. The Kern Gezond Texel Cooperative now consists of more than thirty Texel organisations. An overview of this can be found on the website www.kerngezondtexel.nl. The cooperative is led by a steering group consisting of Chairman Katrin van der Vlerk (Ommering), Treasurer Henri Venema (Texel Pharmacy), Secretary Joost de Vere (Texel Sameen Peter), Joost Hirschop (Novalishov), Josje van Werle (Municipality) and Henie Huismann (Texel luxury).

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The Steering Group is working with the support of Program Director Michou Kortrink on the Healthy Texel 2030 program previously established by the Positive Health Alliance. The main motive of this program is that the people of Texel know how to “stay as healthy as possible and how to deal with the challenges in their lives in a healthy way”. This is supported by professionals and there is mutual cooperation. The whole has now led to a wide range of current and new initiatives to work on one’s health.

Concrete examples include the activities of the Parent Power Working Group, recreational football for the over 35s for the Sports Foundation for exercise, the Buurtcircle project to help each other out as neighbors when necessary, as well as coffee mornings in the villages with a dedicated garden to grow your own food.

Health week in primary schools, as well as the accompanying health exhibition “Hurray today!” (which will be held again in October) is also part of the various activities to work on one’s health. On the last Monday of the month there will be a workshop entitled “Positive Health on Texel”, given by certified trainer Christine Groen.

Another concrete event is next Wednesday evening, June 7, the theatrical performance at the Texel cinema in Den Burg on the concept of positive health. “It shows in an interactive and innovative way what happens when professionals begin to think in terms of health rather than disease.” The Kern Gezond Texel website will also feature the so-called Texel Compass, which is an overview of healthcare providers in Texel.

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