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The release of the expected RTX 40 continues until October

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The rumor mill surrounding Nvidia’s next-generation GeForce (RTX 40) is now talking about a reference card that, for the first time, has three fans.

Rumors come again from Tweet embed, a Twitter user with near-constant predictions about Nvidia’s next video cards. Earlier the account we already talked about release dates And the Energy consumptionthis time around the claim for a Nvidia reference card is for a “triple-fan” design with a minimum thickness of 4 PCI slots.

The reference design will specifically take care of the AD102 GPU, on which the RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Ti will likely be powered. Further cooling of such cards is obvious, given that all insiders seem to agree on one thing: consumption will rise significantly. For a possible RTX 4090, the TGP is from 450 watts minimum conservative assumption.

The arrival of a third fan is still far from certain; It might just be an internal Nvidia experience. In any case, Nvidia’s reference cards have usually stayed true with a maximum of two fans – in the case of “blower” designs, having one is sufficient.

Nvidia has been deviating from partner manufacturers for generations. Where Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti is built in is a single blower fan, three axial fans (or AIO . water coolers) The base between Nvidia partners. If the wattage on RTX 40 GPUs really does increase even more, Nvidia itself may also have to believe in greater cooling solutions.

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Also, the same insider recently returned to previous claims about Nvidia’s launch plans. Where previously the same source claimed that the RTX 4090 will indeed be released in July, kopite now admits That WccfTech has better information: the rollout will be as soon as possible only in october to start.

Earlier, it was already clear that the RTX 4090 would appear first, followed by the RTX 4080 and only then the RTX 4070, month by month. Nvidia itself hasn’t said a word about which cards will appear and when, but the official start schedule for Ada Lovelace is still set to “2022.”

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