Heavy rain in the neighborhood after a plane engine collided …

In the American town of Broomfield, debris fell from the sky, from a plane. Wreckage was found in various places in the city. The aircraft had problems with one of the engines during the flight, which could lead to an explosion. The plane managed to safely return to Denver airport for an emergency landing. “It’s a miracle that there were no deaths,” local police said.

According to the township emergency services in Colorado, there have been no reports of injuries so far. And when you see the size of the portions, it’s a little miracle. The police also supported this and they are surprised that no one was injured and that there were no deaths.

On Saturday, the police received reports from different parts of the city about people who had found plane parts. It looks like the large round debris that fell into someone’s garden came from the plane’s engine. Local police said the plane had engine problems. The other parts ended up on a stadium.

Photo: EPA-EFE

The plane, a Boeing 777-200, with 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board, landed safely at Denver International Airport, police said. According to CNN, this is a United Airlines plane that was flying to Honolulu from Denver. According to the American news channel, the plane was forced to return to Denver International Airport due to engine problems.

Two passengers said they could feel the heat from the engine in the plane after the bombing. “The journey started without problems and suddenly there was a huge explosion, you can feel it,” said Brenda Donne. “I suddenly saw smoke coming from the ward and knew something was wrong.” Don saw debris flying and said he didn’t want to know how bad it was. “I was only hoping we could land safely.”

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A witness said the plane was flying with an igniting engine. Another witness spoke of an explosion in the sky. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane’s right-hand engine crashed shortly after taking off from Denver. The accident is under investigation.

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