Two is back on the Sixth Force with new BV duos

Jeroen Meus is ready for a new season of “Two to the 6th Power”. Famous Flemish people like Jeroom, Philippe Geubels, Rik Verheye Tom Waes, and Ingeborg will compete against a few Flemish duos, but newcomers like Wesley Sonc & Pedro Elias will also make an appearance.

In addition to regular values ​​Jeroom, Philippe Geubels, Rik Verheye, and Tom Waes, some new faces will also be part of the BV superpower this season. Newcomers Joke Emmers, Dieter Coppens, Pedro Elias, Wesley Sonck, Rani De Coninck and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge join the test table for the first time. This year, each episode also focuses on a special theme. This year’s themes are: time travel, fashion, health, espionage, sports, comics, royalty and Hollywood.

Come against cancer

Also this year, there are two special BV for Kom op tegen cancer. In “Reizen Meus,” the travel episode of “Two to the 6th Power,” the presenters of Flanders’ most popular travel programs compete against one another. The final episode, “The End,” will be the one Journey down memory lane From the richly full VRT archive.

“From the picture”

This season will be a brand new round: “The Image”. In the “picture”, all answers to the test questions can be found in a picture. Can the candidates find the answers while the opponent lurks?

Discover the short contents of each episode from the new season from Power Two to Episode VI below:

Travel of Mios (21/02)

The new season of Twee tot dex6ower kicks off with a special BV show for charity. For once, Jeroen Meus transformed “Two to Sixth Force” into “Reizen Meus”. His travel partners are: Tom Waes & Cath Luyten, Dieter Coppens & Wim Lybaert, and Olga Leyers & Pascal Braeckman.

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Health (02/28)

In this episode, the topic of “Health” is central. The BV’s superpower consists of purists and healers: Philippe Geubels and Ingeborg Sergeant. They are challenged by a firefighter, teacher, kung fu master and travel teacher.

Sports (07/03)

Wesley Sonic and Pedro Elias compete against two powerful duos in this sports ring.

Time Travel (14/03)

In this episode, Jeroen and his nominees crawl into the time machine and go back to the 1970s to return to 2021. 1990s kids joke Emers and Rick Verhey deal with kids From the 1960s and 1970s, and against two true millennials. Which generation will get ten thousand euros?

Mode (3/21)

This episode is all about fashion. Jeroen Meus wore his best outfit and called the most stylish duo he could find: Élodie Ouédraogo and Jeroom Snelders. They enter the test stand, along with two other teams of unknown Flemish, in the battle for ten thousand euros.

Espionage (28/03)

In this episode, Jeroen Meus infiltrates the world of espionage. Eric Van Lowe and Kamal Khormash compete against a sympathetic duo.

Hollywood (04/04)

Take popcorn and chips, because “Two to the Sixth Power” is a Hollywood episode. Tom Waes and Saartje Vandendriessche are competing against two of the duo’s other movie fans.

Kings (11/04)

In the Kings Ring, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Rani De Coninck compete against a duo.

Strip (04/18)

Jerome Snilders and Adrian van den Hove are the superpowers of BV in this comic episode. Do they know more or are the duo outperforming them?

End (04/25)

To close this season, Jeroen Meus is doing special work for Kom op against cancer. In the final episode, Jeroen collected some of the big names from VRT history. Geert Verholst and Margaret Hermance have known each other for years and both appeared in “Zeg agrees euh!”. Sergio Kisswater and Gina Lisa star in Fata morgana, while Stephen Van Herewig plays VRT President Bart Peters.

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Two to the sixth powerHe can be seen every Sunday at 8 pm on February 21 in Ain.

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