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Parliament on Tuesday approved groundbreaking rules for major internet platforms – the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. The new rules aim to make the EU’s online environment more secure, fair and transparent by protecting users from illegal content and products, limiting unfair practices by major platforms and banning certain forms of targeted advertising.

Also on Tuesday, MEPs questioned Commission and Council representatives about how EU funds are being used to help people with the rising cost of living. The next day, the possibility of taxing the extraordinary profits that energy companies currently generate was discussed.

An increase in mental health problems means this could become the next health crisis. Parliament called for action on Tuesday in a resolution passed on mental health in the digital workplace. She calls on EU institutions and countries to find ways to help prevent mental health problems. MEPs are also proposing to make 2023 the EU Year of Good Mental Health.

European Parliament members on Tuesday supported Croatia’s bid to become the 20th member of the eurozone.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke of the need for an enlargement and deepening of the European Union when addressing MEPs on Tuesday as part of the “This is Europe” series of discussions with EU leaders.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala on Wednesday presented the main program and objectives of the Czech Presidency of the Council. The Czech Republic took over the presidency from France on 1 July.

MEPs welcomed the decision to open the doors of the EU to Ukraine and Moldova, but asked leaders during Wednesday’s debate to strengthen the EU and tackle the recent crisis.

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Parliament again called for safe access to abortion in a debate on Monday and in a resolution on Thursday condemning the deteriorating sexual and reproductive health and rights of women in the United States.

MEPs also approved the position of Parliament on Thursday on new rules to promote the use of sustainable fuels in aviation. Members want to speed up the transition to green fuels.

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