Magnetic storms expected after a strong solar flare: possible interruption of radio communications, but also the northern lights far south of the North Pole | Sciences

The consequences of a violent solar flare may hit Earth this weekend. Also throughout Saturday and Sunday, the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) expects geomagnetic storms of categories G1 (small in size) to G2 (moderate).

look. NASA was able to capture the below images of a solar flare

G2 storms can, among other things, require ground control to adjust the spacecraft’s orientation. In addition, certain types of radio communications may be affected at higher latitudes. It is also possible to damage power network transformers. The aurora borealis can also be seen in the far south of the Arctic.

The magnetic storm is caused by the so-called coronal mass ejection on Thursday and Friday. Plasma clouds were launched into space, consisting of electrons, protons and certain atomic nuclei. Thursday also saw a massive solar flare, believed to be the strongest recorded to date. The event already had an impact on some radio communications on Thursday.

Since December 2019, solar activity has increased again. Approximately every eleven years – in the so-called solar cycle – there are phases of weaker and stronger activity.

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