Hilde von Acker and Jean-Claude Lacott are guilty of murdering Marcus Mitchell

Hilde von Acker has been convicted by a court in Brooks of murdering British businessman Marcus Mitchell in 1996. The tribunal also found his former Jean-Claude Lacotte guilty of the murder.

“Van Acker was involved in the planned assassination of Lahore,” said President Bart Mekong, promoting the verdict. “He also helped prepare for the murder. The purpose was a money issue.”

According to the court, Van Acker was actually seen on the beach with Mitchell shortly before the murder of the latter. Van Acker was also well aware of the location of the facts, which was further motivated. The next day, the two fled to the United Kingdom. “None of the accused contacted Mitchell when he met him.”

Hilde van Acker and her accomplice Jean-Claude Lagott of Sind-Nicklaus will be sentenced to life in prison for murder 25 years ago. This is the second assessment case against both. They were already sentenced to life ten years ago for those facts. But then the couple went into hiding abroad. Van Acker and Lahore have only been in jail since the end of 2019.

Van Acker’s lawyer, Chris Winke, was very disappointed after the trial. “What should I say? What have I been doing here for two weeks?” The arbitrator will rule tomorrow. More on TV Eastern News.

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