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What is that?

Hitman games really revolve around one thing: taking out targets. Preferably without being seen, of course, it’s a complete trick if you can make a murder look like an accident. Also in Hitman 3, the Final Story trilogy finale, this goal has remained unchanged. In five very different locations, it’s often up to you to get multiple people out. If you can do this without getting caught, you will get a higher score that you can compare to dozens of other Hitman players.

Elk level He has many different possibilities to kill a target. Make a sushi chef and make a toxic meal for you TargetingOr are you waiting for the target to fall asleep and use the piano string without ever switching disguises? it’s your choice! Since each level can be replayed infinitely, you can try all different methods.

Is it something?

The Hitman story trilogy ends in Part Three, and it stands to reason that the conclusion is also similar to the previous two parts on all fronts. Apart from one important aspect: duration. Hitman 2 had a lot more sites to explore and also had some adding on sniperMissions. All in all, Hitman 3 has six locations, the last of which are not befitting of Hitman. Additionally, there are also levels where you think, “Well, that sounds more like Deus Ex than Hitman,” where there is more focus on stealth than actually hitting.

Hitman 3 has some great locations that you really want to fully explore before going hunting. Think of the cyberpunk streets of China Tech City and the massive Dartmoor Palace where you can, too good guy You can play to the target. The life of a hitman doesn’t have to be serious! Graphically speaking, it looks good on the available hardware and aside from some bugs, the gameplay experience is also very smooth. This is how you see: Overrated titles like Cyberpunk are doomed to fail and smaller titles can surprise you by being in great shape!

Pros and Cons

+ Add shortcuts to avoid rollback minutes

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+ Wonderful new sites

+ Great epilogue to the Hitman trilogy

+ Mission stories have received more attention

– With only 5 real levels, very short

– Add the camera as a completely gimmick


The Hitman trilogy is closed, but Agent 47 has yet to break his piano string. Although nothing has been mentioned about the potential DLC yet, it is hoped that Hitman 3 will get an expansion in the near future to avoid too much of a repeat of the current true five levels. In short, Hitman 3 is a great ending and you really spend a few hours completing everything possible Challenges.

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