Holland Short Film Festival Film Dinner at various restaurants in New Hampshire

Dine and watch films between sessions during the Netherlands Short Film Festival. The unique Dutch film festival, the best of the year!
Merlet in Schoorl, Duin en Kruidberg in Santpoort-Noord, IJkgebouw, The Fallon Hotel in Alkmaar, Eendracht in Hilversum, Lab44 in Zaandam and many other restaurants in Hoorn, Purmerend, Velsen, Amstelveen, Heerhugowaard and Bergen are participating restaurants in the Nordic Netherlands.

From January 12 to 21, guests will be offered a film menu featuring exquisite dishes and beautiful short films from all over the world, from professional and amateur filmmakers. Preliminary selection has now been made from over 400 entries. There are films from the Netherlands, the United States, Korea, China, France, Iran, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom and Georgia. A nice group of contestants were selected for the movie dinner. Films are a maximum of 15 minutes long, but there are also very short 2-minute films. The focus is on comedies and films with a high spirit.
In January, the official festival takes place throughout the North Netherlands during Blue Monday.

Previous editions in Bergen have been organized by Peter Bosman: “Watching films during dinner creates a special atmosphere, as people start talking to each other, it’s a really great evening, everyone has plenty of food for conversation. The visitors were all very enthusiastic. Since there are so many different short films, there is always something that catches your attention.” “Plus, you see movies you don’t see anywhere else. Very special, highly recommended.”

Watching movies and eating create a special atmosphere. Between movies you talk about movies with your friends. There is limited space, and tickets for the evening cost 49.95-69.95, depending on the restaurant. This includes movies and the deluxe menu (excluding drinks).
Tickets can be ordered via www.hollandfilmfestival.nl Start time is 6:00 PM.

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The selection of films was a surprise. There is at least one winner from last year. The films are all special.

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