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A man painted his house in the colors of the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. He points to a conversation with his neighbor as the reason for this. He made some homophobic statements. “Now he has something nice to look forward to,” he added.

Ryan Passey’s “Rainbow House” in Omaha (Nebraska) is receiving a lot of attention. The building contains apartments that the man rents out. The house needed renovation and his daughters gave him the idea of ​​painting it in rainbow colors. The man also previously renovated the buildings with bright colors.

“When my daughters suggested this, I immediately thought of a conversation I had a few months ago,” Ryan says. In that conversation with a neighbor, the latter made several homophobic statements and derogatory comments about gay men. “It made the decision easier,” Ryan said.

“Easy to find”

Ryan Pacey didn’t want to repeat what his neighbor said. “But it puts a smile on my face now that I know I’m looking forward to this every day from now on.” According to local media, reactions to the Rainbow House have been mainly positive. According to Bassi, residents don’t mind either. “It’s easier to find now,” he laughs.

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