Aardman only has enough clay to make one more movie

Aardman, the stop-motion animation studio based in Bristol, UK known for bringing Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run to life using claymation, has revealed that it faces a serious dilemma.

according to Telegraph Aardman investigates the problem of running out of clay to make films. The reason for this is that the studio uses a very specific type of clay made only by Louis Newblast. As for why Aardman got into trouble, Newplast only made the clay at a factory in Torquay, and that factory recently closed, leaving Aardman without future supplies of its signature clay.

When Aardman heard the news of the impending closure, he bought as much clay as was available at the factory, but Aardman points out that this will only be enough to produce one more film, namely the upcoming Wallace & Gromit film in the expected 2024 year. This means that after this film, Aardman will have to find a suitable replacement for Clay or alternatively will have to stop making films altogether.

As for what the animation studio has in store next, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget will debut on Netflix next month.

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