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Triathlete Balte Thijs became a Belgian champion and was awarded the “Mechelen City Athlete” award. © KCVision


A major sporting event was organized for the first time at the Lamotte Convention Center in Mechelen. More than forty champion sports from Mechelen have been honored. Triathlete Balte Thijs became the “Mechelen City Athlete” and there was also a lot of interest for G-sport and Special Olympics.

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The athletes from Mechelen who succeed in winning a title are honored each year by the Sports Council and the city. This year’s Sports Gala was held in Lamotte for the first time. In total, more than forty champions were honored. Twenty-two athletes from Mechelen took the Belgian title.

“I am proud of all the athletes from Mechelen,” says Sport Aldermann Abderrahmane Labsir (Vld-Groen-m+). “Talent is an aspect, but mental state, willpower, perseverance and a good dose of courage also ensure that you can excel. This is why these champions deserve to be in the spotlight during the Sports Gala. I invite everyone to continue to train and support. This is how we We’re making Mechelen a sports city for everyone.”

Steve Maes of Mavok Michelin volleyball club was awarded the “Sports Merit Cup”. According to the Sports Council, he deserves the award because he has been committed to getting young people to play volleyball years ago. Mavoc also received his first social media award. Belgian double and triple triathlon champion Balte Thijs became the “Mechelen Athlete” and ice hockey player Anke Steeno won the “Trophy for Sport Promise”.

Mark Hermans provided an inspiration session.

Mark Hermans provided an inspiration session. © KCVision

G Sport

There were also motivational awards for Gymflex, Hockey Clubs KMTHC and Vrijbroek Hockey Club on G-action. “Clubs are successfully integrating G athletes into their club activities,” says G sports ambassador Piet den Boer. “Sports should be for everyone. These clubs understand that. With incentive awards, we want to encourage more clubs and federations in Mechelen to implement the G-sport policy.”

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G-Sport was the main theme of the evening. For example, there were inspiration sessions given by Mark Hermann and Eddie Beckers from Special Olympics Belgium. In 2023, the Special Olympics will be organized in Mechelen. During the sporting event, Olympic gymnast Jutta Verst and Red Devils Stadium speaker Christoph Stenlet announced their commitment as ambassadors for the event.

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