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In western Canada, which was hit by torrential rain last week with severe flooding, residents are only allowed to stock up on diesel and gasoline to a limited extent. The reason is the difficulty of supply in the flooded areas.

Floods and landslides in British Columbia destroyed roads and bridges. The Trans Mountain oil pipeline has been temporarily closed.

“We are asking the public to limit their car trips and use as little fuel as possible,” Regional Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said at a news conference on Friday. Individuals are allowed to add a maximum of 30 liters of fuel per refill.

In this way, the government wants to ensure the necessary commercial transport of supply.

It also asks him to stay away from the most affected areas. Four people are currently missing in the Pemberton area. The body of a woman was found there earlier this week. The minister confirmed that the research work will continue.

The army is also involved. Above all, they must clear the roads and build a dam at Abbotsford. This city has already been partially flooded, but heavy rains are expected again next week.

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