Hours of waiting for a peek west in 1990: why the closure of McDonald’s in Russia is now symbolic

The involvement of the US parent company has been reduced to a minimum. Only the Russian ruble was accepted as a currency, which is a sign of McDonald’s confidence in the future. Another sign: due to import restrictions, McDonald’s Russia established almost the entire production chain on site, from farms to processing and packaging plants. There was also a search for employees.

There was no shortage of candidates. At least 27,000 Russians have applied for 630 seats. McDonald’s allowed it elite Young and intelligent soviets: students from prestigious universities with excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​and a great Customer skills. It took them no effort whatsoever to learn how to show that quintessential American smile and stay friendly at all times.

And the Russian people have not yet seen it. People are accustomed to the brutal, quiet, brutal and sometimes frank service. The fact that at McDonald’s Russia they had polite and friendly staff who served them with beaming smiles, saying “please”, “thank you” and “goodbye” came as a shock to them.

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