‘House of the Dragon’ is breaking record after record in the UK

The Targaryens series is very popular. Is the original going after Game of Thrones?

A preface game of thrones About the earlier years of the Targaryen family was, of course, a recipe for success. But the fact that it will be seen in such a big way is something that the makers did not expect. The series manages to break records with the United Kingdom’s western neighbours.

It is clear from the earlier news that the series has done extremely well in the US. But now it is also known that England is happily participating. Sky, the British television network that broadcasts the imported series and owns the rights to them, comes up with statistics on how well the series was watched.

A very large publication
So the first episode on the sky is already a success. It has been viewed more than four million times, 4.08 million times to be exact. This makes the launch of the series even bigger than the previous one game of thrones In 2011. Additionally, it was watched more than the start of seasons one through five, which took an average of 28 days to show comparable figures.

Part of the reason the series’ launch in the UK has been successful is that Sky released the first episode on YouTube for viewers within UK territory. This episode is according to Sky ‘On the House’.

Dragon House Haven’t seen it yet? Watch all episodes now HBO Max.

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