How can a long weekend have a positive impact on your health?

When we’re busy at work, we often dream of weeks-long vacations. But did you know The long weekend Even if it has a positive effect on you health may own?


A study shows that the “normal” two-day weekend does more harm than good. say what?! This is because internal clock It is possible that your body (which controls the sleep cycle) may be disrupted. As a result, your mood and mental health can ‘take a hit’ once you return to work.

Although you can “catch up” on some of your sleep by sleeping in or taking an afternoon nap on the weekends, two days off is enough to disrupt your internal clock. What you can notice when the alarm goes off on Monday morning and you have to get back to your normal rhythm. Results? The feeling that you are Not equipped enough.

Long weekend

However, do you get an extra day (or two) to relax? Then you also have more time to spare to sleep, for exercise And Work on your relationships. According to the same study, this would lead to a clearer mind and a happier outlook on the week.

Not only employees benefit from the three-day weekend, but employers as well. A 2018 study conducted at a company in New Zealand found that stress levels of all employees decreased significantly. Participants also indicated that they could complete their work satisfactorily and achieve a better work-life balance after a long weekend. Yes!

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