How do I feel now, backstage with an honest singer

This documentary promises to provide an insight into the life of Lewis Capaldi, who achieved success as a singer-songwriter after many viral hits online. Especially his songSomeone you love, which was launched on November 7, 2018 and spread around the world, launched his career. In 2019, his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, was released. The long-awaited successor will come this year:She was broken by the desire to be sent from heavenCapaldi clearly loves cumbersome titles.

Already released from the second album, the singles Forget Me and Pointless are strong songs in the UK and abroad. His streak also came in between Frozen pizza But regardless of all that. In the second album will also be the song “How do I feel now‘, the number from which the Netflix documentary derives its name.

The film shows Capaldi’s life, his writing process and the struggles he faces putting together this always difficult second album. always with one winkBecause Capaldi is always aware of the clichés that he’s constantly in danger of falling flat.

One of the main problems the singer suffers from is the fact that his music career is partly responsible for the exacerbation of his symptoms. Gilles de la Tourette. Composing music, especially live performance, is a trigger for tics. Capaldi has had a hard time on the platform several times.

“It’s strange,” he said recently in an interview with The Sunday Times. “If I don’t make music, I’m fine for a few months. But making music does for me. I hate to exaggerate, but the thing is, I might have to.” valves With music if things go wrong. For now, the music outweighs the negatives, but I have to be careful not to cause irreparable damage to myself.”

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So the two battle are the keynote in the new Netflix documentary, directed by a filmmaker Joe Perlman. He gained experience in this genre thanks to, among other things, the film “After the Screaming Stops” about 15 minutes of fame From the band BROS. He also directed the TV special Return to Hogwarts, which reunites the cast members of the Harry Potter films 20 years later. Capaldi, who presents himself as an ordinary farm boy who is catapulted into success rather than by chance, is a rewarding, honest, and fascinating subject matter of his own.

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