More details on Charles’ coronation: Way to go, it will have its own emoji

With this Diamond Jubilee state coach, Charles and Camilla will travel to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony.

On May 6, King Charles will be officially crowned King of England. A historic day starting and ending with a parade through London. The route of that journey is now known. And Twitter will celebrate: the website is offering a special emoji for the event.

Gilles LeesonborgsSource: BBC, The Daily Mail

Charles will be there in the morning, with Queen Consort Camilla Diamond State Coach steps. It was a carriage created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. From Buckingham Palace, a six-horse carriage will take you to Westminster Abbey, where the afternoon ceremony will take place. En route, the royal couple will pass The Mall and Parliament Square, where onlookers will wave towards them.

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After the ceremony, Charles and Camilla head back (roughly) the same way, but in a different carriage: Golden State coach. An iconic vehicle in use since 1831, but not immediately known for its superior comfort. Queen Elizabeth also used the carriage for her coronation in 1953. He described the experience that followed as “terrifying”. Charles and Camilla’s journey by carriage was much shorter than what Elizabeth had to do at the time.

“Embarrassed” Golden State coach© AB

Twitter is also introducing a special emoji for the event. It is an image of St. Edward’s crown, on which Charles will be crowned. As of today, if you’re using #Coronation, #CoronationConcert, #CoronationWeekend or #CoronationBigLunch, you can use the crown. Twitter had already pulled off a similar stunt in June 2022, when it introduced the corgi emoji in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

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