How does improvisation work and what is the benefit?

According to Arthur Jachke, a researcher in the fields of clinical neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience in music, there is a false sense of improvisation that many people think they can’t do. “But you can also make a nice surprise, there’s a lot of improvisation in that.”

If you want to improvise, you better not think that it is difficult. “We block ourselves precisely because we think it’s too difficult.” Whereas, according to Jaschke, we constantly improvise in everyday life. “It’s raining heavily and you walk to the front door with three shopping bags and see your neighbor standing there and wanting to start a political discussion with you. Gradually you’re already thinking about what you’re going to say to him to get him out. You put the words ready.”

improvisation and music

When we think of improvisation in music, we immediately think of jazz. But in many other genres, there is a lot of improvisation. “However, in every live show. With Beyoncé, for example, the trumpeter plays solos.”

The Beatles also improvised, but then a number of frames were agreed upon, such as the volume. And although anyone can improvise, it is impossible without certain knowledge. “Jazz player Louis Armstrong couldn’t read music, but he could improvise like the best. He taught himself while playing and practicing.”

Out of the box

According to a music neurologist, people’s ability to improvise is so advanced today that we can broaden the framework. Take painting as an example win over boogie wuji From Piet Mondriaan: “It has a square with four yellow lines in it. Those lines are correct in this frame, but who said it should stay in this frame?” If you expand the framework, then according to Jaschke, there is a possibility that you can add more to it. “This is the improvisational value.”

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