How Joaquin Phoenix Lost £23 In 3 Months

Hollywood weight loss part of the jobSometimes it has to be extreme. For example, Joaquin Phoenix lost 23 pounds in less than 3 months for his Oscar-winning role as the Joker. Don’t try this at home

At the request of Joker director Todd Phillips, the actor was put on a strict diet. Joaquin Phoenix sound The Joker has suggested somewhat fuller, but Todd Phillips couldn’t imagine it. He wanted the Joker “too skinny”, which meant for the top actor he had to start on a strict diet.

Relinquishing the role of Joker

The entire preparation for the movie (and the accompanying diet) was done under the supervision of a professional and that’s a good thing, because for people Let the actor know that this period was very difficult for him. “I was expecting that extreme weight loss would leave me feeling unsatisfied, hungry, frail and weak,” he said. “But what I didn’t expect was how weak I felt physically.”

For example, the actor says that he felt for him that he could move his body more smoothly than he used to. Then the actor used this again in his portrayal as the Joker. “I think that became an important part of the character.”

Joaquin Phoenix while filming joker

Back in her “old” look at the Oscars:

Not only did Joaquin Phoenix’s body struggle to lose a lot of pounds in such a short time, his mental health also deteriorated during this time. “It turns out that a lot of weight loss affects your psyche, and you start really crazy when you lose that much weight at that time,” he says. for people

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How did Joaquin Phoenix lose 23 pounds?

It is not known exactly which diet Joaquin Phoenix managed to lose so much weight. Perhaps this is for the better. If you want to lose 23 kilograms in a healthy way, it will take about a year. However, the Joker actor did it in two or three months at the most. This is oddly fast, and as a precaution, it doesn’t share any details about the horror diet and the workouts associated with it.

Apple, lettuce and asparagus

what is the doer EyeHis diet consists mainly of apples, lettuce and asparagus. There were also rumors on the Internet that the actor would live on one apple a day, but he denies this.

Lose weight in Hollywood

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How Joaquin Phoenix lost £23 in 3 months for his role as Joker

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