How to use your Android phone as a WiFi hotspot

By using your Android phone as a portable hotspot, you always have WiFi in your pocket. This is useful if the kids want to watch a chain in the car on their way to a campsite in France or if the WiFi router at home has a technical malfunction. We explain how the hotspot function works in Android.

Android Wifi Hotspot

It can really be a lifesaver, the hotspot feature of your Android phone. Let’s say you are working with your laptop at an airport or in a coffee shop in Spain, but the local WiFi is very slow. Or is WiFi running smoothly, but would you rather not connect to a public network for privacy reasons? Maybe your friend ran out of mobile data and you want to help him?

In many different cases, Android hotspot feature provides a way out. Your phone will then use your mobile data connection to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices to connect to. Depending on the quality of your mobile network, this hotspot can be a useful temporary alternative to WiFi. This is how to set up a hotspot on your Android phone.

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Setting up WiFi hotspot in Android works somewhat similarly to WiFi. You can set your network name and choose a password that you must use on all devices that connect to the hotspot.

  1. go to the Settings
  2. Choose Network and the Internet
  3. press point of contact and delivery
  4. tap on portable connection or wifi hotspot
  5. press Password hotspot And enter a strong password
  6. Change the name of your hotspot if necessary
  7. Run the hotspot with a file Transformation
  8. Connect your devices
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Keep in mind that the settings menus on Android phones may vary. If you can’t find the function with the above steps, you can enter “hotspot” via the search function in settings. Once you change your hotspot settings for the first time, you can activate the hotspot much faster than your phone’s quick settings. Swipe down twice on the screen and find the hotspot button in the quick settings. You can also save the network to your connected devices so that they automatically connect when your hotspot is active.

Hotspot feature in Android Settings

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We already wrote that the hotspot function of your phone can be a temporary replacement for Wi-Fi, but the word “temporary” is important. You should monitor your data usage while using a hotspot so that you never use more data than what is included in your phone subscription.

So some phone brands have settings that allow you to set a limit on the number of connected devices and data usage for your hotspot. Also use the option in Settings that automatically shuts off your hotspot once no more devices are connected.

If you are an unlimited subscriber, you don’t have to worry too much. It is a good idea to check the terms of your unlimited subscription on your provider’s website. Not every subscription is truly unlimited. Sometimes your service provider will drastically reduce your internet speed after a certain amount of use.

What do you want to use Android hotspot functionality for? Do you have an unlimited subscription that works with Hotspot? Perhaps you already choose other solutions, such as a so-called mi-fi router, or a mobile router that works with mobile data? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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