HR director sues Bungie for unfair dismissal

Bungie is being sued by former HR director Ingrid Alm. She claims in her complaint that she was unfairly terminated after she pointed out a possible racist situation within the company.

While working at Bungie, she was once asked to investigate a black employee. He said he felt targeted based on his skin color. Alm recommended diversity training for the employee’s boss, but the suggestion was not well received and was ultimately ignored.

Afterwards, Alm was told that Bunge planned to fire the black employee, but she did not agree to this because she believed there was a racist motive. I took it further.

Her supervisor was reportedly angry that Alm had taken the case to a higher level. It was then suggested that Alm find a way to leave Bungie. After that, her access to Bungie’s systems was cut off and she was told that her resignation had been accepted, even though she never submitted her resignation. When she complained about this at the highest levels, she could not be heard.

In response, Bunji denied Alm’s accusations. However, the company is not providing any information about what exactly has happened.

The case will be dealt with further in early 2024.

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