Hugh Grant found the iconic Love in Love dance scene actually “terrible.”

If there’s one scene in Love Actually that will stay with us forever, it’s the iconic dance scene with Hugh Grant (62). In the clip, Hugh, who plays the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, lets go and is caught dancing to “Jump” by The Pointer Sisters. For many people, it’s their favorite moment from the entire movie, but if it were up to Hugh, it would never have happened.

“I saw it on the script and I really thought: I hate having to do that.”

In the Love Actually 20th Anniversary Special With Diane Saywer, the entire cast looks back on the most special moments from the movie. The dance scene, of course, was not left unchanged. Remarkably, Hugh was initially unenthusiastic when he heard about the scene. “I saw it on the script and really thought: I hate having to do that. I didn’t really like it at all, let alone having to rehearse it first.”

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Director and writer Richard Curtis reveals that if it had been up to Hugh, the scene would never have happened. “He kept saying no. He was really hoping we’d say, ‘Too bad,’ but then we’ll just let that scene go.” However, Richard stands his ground and this means he ends up with an angry Hugh. “But yeah, he had to. It was in his contract.”


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