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Europe decided as of 2035 Stop selling new combustion cars. With this, the government wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and Europe is carbon neutral By 2050. Please note that mobility is not the only target sector. Belgium This transition is followed by acceleration I decided to focus on Company car discount.

from 2026 will So only electric models Until now 100% for discount But this rate will also gradually decrease to 67.5% after 2031. For example, companies will not have a choice, because Thermal commercial vehicles from 2028 Not at all for discount We are.

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Not just carbon dioxide

A few months ago, a study was conducted by an independent NGO in International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) It indicates that the use of electric vehicles does indeed reduce emissions greenhouse gases significantly can decrease. The organization estimates that the electric car in Europe is between 66% and 69% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to a conventional heat car.


But reducing greenhouse gases won’t be the only benefit of an electric car. In fact, according to a study conducted by University College of Medicine Southern California (Keck School of Medicine), this would also reduce emissions affect air pollutants. Remember: carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. particularly Nitrogen Oxides (NO x) f Fine particles It will also decrease significantly with the introduction of electric cars.

Better for health

the Keck School of Medicine Now, for the first time, I have been able to quantify the contribution of an electric vehicle to Improves affiliate air quality thus reducing To measure respiratory problems. “Moving to electric vehicles is expected to have significant co-benefits for public health, but most of the studies focused on air quality and health effects to date have come from projections, not actual datathe researchers said.

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study cake Medical school has been conducted throughout Southern California over the course of more than 6 years, during which time it has been Share electric cars An increase from 1.4 vehicles per 1,000 residents to 14.6. Conclusion: Breathing problems (eg asthma) decreased by one at the same time discount from these disturbances -3.2% 20 new electric vehicles registered per 1,000 inhabitants. “the changes at the local level be able to the health from society and can send a strong signal to the public and policy makers,” the study said.

the Advantages So the switch to electric cars All citizens So that transition is going to be an important component. Yet they are also essential To ensure that this transition is well thought through, the researchers note. Because in slums where there is less (or no) electric car, the improvements in air quality are less noticeable. In addition to a social site gapElectric car is definitely not allowed healthy gap a reason.


And in Belgium?

The electric car is also gradually spreading in Belgium, while Old vehicles are being phased out. Obviously, the effects on the quality of the air we breathe are already significant. Between 2018 and 2022, Brussels witnessed (via Celine Cell) a lose who 29% of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in Molenbeek, 31% in Ixelles and 36% in Arts-Loi Central.

Of course not all is well, because Electric cars It also emits particles (2.5 µm) through its tires and brakes. The share of electric cars doesn’t make it possible to avoid exceeding standards, however There is progress. More progress will come, especially in Brussels with diesel engines banned from 2030 and petrol in 2035.

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