Humo Watching Tips for Friday, December 18th

“Bottom of what renny black”

No actor has ever received as many posthumous honors as the deceased in August Chadwick Bosman. Handing him over in his latest movie, about “Mother of Blues” What Renee And the Chicago Blues scene of the 1920s, hailed by many American film critics as the ultimate stellar performance by a high-end artist who died too soon.

Available now on Netflix

The Grand Tour: Huge Pursuit

Top Gear is back! Jeremy Clarkson He and his buddies are working under a different name (“The Grand Tour”) and on a different station (Prime), but the look has not changed. In the special “A Massive Hunt”, the trio ventures on a treasure hunt in Madagascar, where nature is great and the road network is really bad.

Now available on Amazon Prime Video

‘Good morning Vietnam’

Robin Williams He becomes a full-blooded movie star thanks to this tragic comedy, in which he plays a funky DJ for US Army Radio in Vietnam. The script is a little simple, but Williams’ cool improvisations behind the microphone support the entire movie.

At 20.40 on VTM 4

Brexit: the non-civil war

While the United Kingdom eagerly waits until January 1, the day the country is on its feet outside of the European Union, NPO 2 will broadcast its first Brexit film: The Uncivil War. Benedict Cumberbatch It gets under the skin of it Dominic Cummings, The brain behind Leave to vote-countryside.

At 22.20 on the NPO 2

The Third Godfather

The third and final part of the legendary mafia trilogy. Michael Corleone (Al PacinoHe approaches his 60s and after years of his career in the underworld, he has problems with conscience until he finds himself in a fight with a rival gang leader. Not at the level of the first two parts, but it deserves your attention.

21.20 on the canvas

The Good Doctor (Season End)

Freddy Highmore Socially embarrassed Sean Murphy has been a brilliant, autistic doctor at the unhealthy hospital chain “The Good Doctor” for three seasons. At the conclusion of this season, an earthquake caused a sensation and Sean struggled to keep his head above water.

22.35 at VTM

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