Hundreds of mosquito control operations carried out in Tetouan

April 2, 2021 – 4:30 PM – Morocco


Tetouan municipality has been trying to fight the mosquito epidemic since January. Between the beginning of January and March 30, the Public Health Department carried out 346 mosquito control operations in the municipality.

The city of Tetouan said in a statement to the municipality that there are 209 mosquito nests scattered in separate areas, which are Al-Sawani, the airport, the industrial zone, Marjan, Quilma, Mukalla, and the surrounding areas of the municipality of Martil. The procedures were based on about 20 complaints, electronic and oral, that the service received from January to March 30, related to the presence of mosquitoes in the aforementioned areas.

Intervention teams educated residents on how to avoid and destroy breeding areas. An awareness campaign was also implemented across schools to reach a specific target group of young people. The program of work developed by the intervention team aims to control mosquitoes and prevent their reproduction by using appropriate amounts of insecticides.

The first phase of the program focused on controlling mosquito larvae in swamps, water basins, wells, etc. As of March 30, 292 operations have been carried out covering an area of ​​51.6 hectares, using approximately 25.8 liters of pesticides.

The second phase of the program focused on controlling the flying mosquitoes found in green spaces, public institutions, health facilities, streets, alleys and cemeteries. The Tetouan municipality statement confirmed that the insect and mosquito control cell carried out 54 interventions on a total area of ​​68.5 hectares, requiring about 60.05 liters of pesticides.

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The Insect and Mosquito Control Cell found that there are no mosquito control operations in the neighboring municipalities of Tetouan. This is not conducive to the complete success of the proceedings in Tetouan. Moreover, the downpour disrupts mosquito control. In addition to these difficulties, there are also bad practices of some citizens leaving exposed pots full of water, which leads to mosquito larvae. It is recommended to cover wells in the future.

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