Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough for good health?

The Internet is full of meaning and nonsense, and so is about sports. In this section we discover exactly how it works. Is it fact or a myth? We will talk to various experts in the field of exercise and sports. With the day: Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough for a healthy lifestyle?

Walking for half an hour every day, is it enough to work on a healthy lifestyle? Subway asked Maureen Ross, a sports scientist and specialist in fitness and health at the Knowledge Center for Sports and Exercise.

Exercise 30 minutes a day

“According to the Dutch exercise guidelines, adults and older adults should do at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, spread over several days,” Ross says. These guidelines have been developed by the Board of Health. They advise on the type of exercise and how much we need to be healthy.”

According to the specialist, this is a fairly intense exercise. “This is an exercise that raises your heart rate a little bit, but doesn’t necessarily make you sweat or puff up. Consider walking or cycling. In addition, it is recommended that you do musculoskeletal-strengthening activities at least twice a week.”

sit less

Another tip from our workout guidelines: Avoid sitting too much. Ross: “For example, take a break three times a day during your workday, and walk for 10 minutes. Walk longer each day for lunch, or go for a bike ride before you start working. If necessary, do some squats while you work. Waiting for the coffee machine. This way you ensure that you move more throughout the day.”

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According to her, exercise is good, but more exercise is better. “Apply it yourself the way that best suits your life. Choose to move longer, move a lot or move more intensely and address that in your daily life. We know from research that sitting for long periods has many negative effects on your health, so try to avoid it.”

health gains

According to Ross, most health gains can be made for people who are not moving at all at the moment. “When the people who are basically sitting now start to move around a little bit, that’s great.” This massive health gain is reflected in the curve below.

Exercising for half an hour a day in good health
Source: Knowledge Center for Sports and Exercise Exercise Guidelines 2017 (Health Council), via the Sports and Exercise Knowledge Center

However, Ross can also imagine that 150 minutes of exercise a week can be a lot for someone who is not moving at all. “That’s why we recommend making small, controlled movements throughout the day.”

According to her, health gains continue to increase if you exercise more, but at a certain point the amount of health gain becomes smaller and smaller. So poor exercise does not result in poor health gains, although any form of additional exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Ross also says that good health cannot be fully linked to the amount of exercise you do per day. Other factors such as diet, sleep, stress, smoking, and alcohol also play a role in your health. “But in terms of exercise, we can say that if you meet these guidelines, you’re sticking to a healthy exercise behavior in terms of lifestyle.”

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30 minutes of exercise per day is enough for a healthy lifestyle. Rule: Right, provided you combine it with muscle and bone strengthening activities twice a week. According to the Health Council’s guidelines, 150 minutes per week of moderately intense exercise is sufficient for good health. Spread these minutes over the entire week, and you get about half an hour a day.

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