This is how older people can live, according to science

According to the research team at Gero, a Singapore-based biotech company and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, human lifespan is determined by two factors. First, there is a biological age that is determined by factors such as stress, lifestyle and chronic disease. Second, there’s such a thing as your flexibility, which is how quickly your body recovers from stress. As we get older, this flexibility diminishes and the time it takes to recover from something increases – even in people who are otherwise healthy. Ultimately, our resilience disappears completely. This occurs somewhere between 120 and 150 years, according to the study, which used medical data from American and British volunteers.

According to Professor Andrei Godkov of the Comprehensive Cancer Center in Roswell Park, the results of the study are groundbreaking. It explains why even the most effective prevention and treatment of age-related diseases can only improve life expectancy, but not the maximum. Unless real anti-aging treatments are developed, it seems. The old model for the new study was published in Nature Communications, It can be helpful to research the latter.

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