Hundreds of Spring Leaves kick off when …

Spring is in the air and it is the time of year to take a break for American college students. Spring Break It is traditionally celebrated in warm places – like Miami Beach – and this year too, students are thrilled at the beach and on the streets. The Coronavirus crisis is still raging, but the revelers have not let the virus spoil their festive mood. This is why Miami Beach City Council decided to impose a curfew from 8 pm.

However, the students did not feel the desire to go home early on Saturday, causing a great deal of chaos when the special forces wanted the police to evacuate the streets. Their arrival caused a stampede on some streets. Operators used, among other things, acoustic cannons and pepper-filled bullets to disperse the crowd.

Several students were arrested during the commotion, but after a few hours, things seemed to be back on Miami Beach. The curfew will remain in effect for another 72 hours, but some city councilors recommend sticking with the measures until April 12. It appears that “this is about the safety of the public.” We have to do something to take control of the situation. “

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