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Written by Won Jun Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D Office for Samsung’s Mobile Experience Business

We are on the cusp of a landmark moment in technology: the age of mobile AI has arrived. For Samsung, this started with the introduction of Galaxy AI on its first AI phone, the Galaxy S24.

Mobile revolution with hybrid AI

In the Galaxy S24 series, we have chosen a hybrid AI approach. Artificial intelligence offers many possibilities and phones are essential to use them because people always have them at their fingertips.

Our phones are personal items that we carry with us during important moments. Samsung believes that smartphones should do more to help users make the most of these moments in an easy way. We also understand the importance of privacy and give users full control over what they share and what they keep private.

We believe that our hybrid approach is the best solution. This strikes a balance between the immediacy of responsiveness, the added privacy of on-device AI, and the versatility of cloud-based AI.

Additional possibilities with artificial intelligence on your phone

The Live Translate feature works on the device itself, as voice communication is necessary for a smartphone. Samsung wants to help users communicate without language barriers while keeping communications private and secure.

Our R&D team has been working hard on this in collaboration with different teams. They sized AI language models, trained them, and tested them in real-world scenarios. They’ve gone above and beyond to make this functionality work entirely on the device itself.

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Samsung’s global R&D networks play a critical role in developing talent and technology. Our research centers in Poland, ChinaIndia and Vietnam They developed language models for Galaxy AI. Because languages ​​are culturally determined, our local R&D teams are more important than ever.

Thanks to these efforts, we can now offer something new. And soon, Live Translate can also be used for voice calls in third-party apps, not just Samsung’s own phone app. Since this feature uses the AI ​​translation model present on the device itself, there is no need to worry about their privacy.

I expect to see more and more AI on our mobile devices as the computing power of chips, especially NPUs, increases. This gives more people access to AI for greater convenience and peace of mind.

Today we develop the Galaxy AI of tomorrow

This news heralds the next phase of the mobile AI era. For a completely new and unique AI experience, we will also be introducing Galaxy AI on our new foldable devices. These are the most versatile and flexible of all Galaxy devices, and when combined with Galaxy AI, many new things will become possible.

We also want to expand Galaxy AI into the broader Galaxy ecosystem in a way that is unique to Samsung. This is how we commit Not only for today’s needs, but also for tomorrow’s needs.

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