Hyenas was Sega’s most expensive game ever

Late last month, it was revealed that Creative Assembly and Sega had decided to cancel Hyenas, a shooter we compared to both Payday and Apex Legends after we were able to play it at Gamescom.

At the time we didn’t get many details about the cancellation, but… Volund And VGC You have a lot of details to share about the whole thing, including things like poor management, mishandling of the game engine switch, unwillingness to take risks, and general lack of direction. But there’s something else that stands out even more in the report, as it turns out that Hyenas was Sega’s most expensive game ever – including Shenmue, which was the most expensive game ever for a long time. Anonymous developer says:

“I forgot to mention that Hyenas was Sega’s biggest budget game ever. Eventually there were people from Sega Japan more or less in the UK office, that never happened in the whole time I worked at CA, they just came in every now and then For another to visit to check how the match looked, but as I said before, in general, non-interference.

Shenmue cost $70 million to develop, and if Hyenas is more expensive, it’s a serious contender to be the most expensive video game shutdown game of all time.

This is what flushing over $70 million down the drain looks like.

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