I found a Faberge egg hunting Russian oligarchs

Faberge egg on display in Russia. © Shutterstock

It is believed that a Faberge egg was found on a yacht owned by a Russian oligarch. This was announced by the Russian authorities. There are probably only about fifty left in the world.

It is believed that a Faberge egg was found on a yacht owned by a Russian oligarch who had been seized by the Americans. This is what Lisa Monaco, Deputy Attorney General, said at a forum on the role of law enforcement agencies in freezing and confiscating Russian assets. “We found really interesting things (On Russian Yachts, editor) … We retrieved a Faberge – or the so-called Faberge egg – on one of these yachts, so it just got more interesting.”

“We are working with fellow law enforcement around the world to search these yachts and make sure we can take them to court and seize their proceeds,” she added.

If the egg was real, it would be one of the last remaining Faberge eggs and would be worth millions of dollars.

Faberge eggs became a rare luxury when Tsar Alexander III ordered his wife Maria in 1885. Faberge is said to have only made about fifty in total for the imperial family.


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