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OstendThe missing mother and daughter were found three days ago. Alive and healthy. They stayed in an apartment in Liege, with people they met on the train. This way, the annoying disappearance has a happy ending. “She was found thanks to the detective work done by the police,” her family said.

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Benedict D. (35 years old) and her daughter Leah (8 years old) are on trial. This was confirmed by the Liege Public Prosecutor’s Office and the woman’s family. Mom and daughter were found in good health. They disappeared Tuesday evening after a weekend at the seaside in Ostend. There they left their hotel around 7:30 PM. Since then, all traces have been lost. Until investigators were able to discover on Thursday evening that she had already taken the train home. But Liège station remained the last place the mother and daughter were seen.

The Missing Persons Cell spoke of a disturbing disappearance and used all means to find the two. They finally showed up on Friday afternoon. According to the first information, they stayed in an apartment in Liege for three days. With the people they met on the train home.

Mobile phone lost while riding a go-kart

What is certain is that this is how a very amazing story ends. Bénédicte and Léa went to sea for the latter’s birthday weekend. However, on Saturday, Benedict lost her mobile phone while riding in a kart. Since then, all communications have been via the hotel phone.

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She called her father and he immediately blocked her number to prevent abuse. And in the days that followed, she also kept in touch on the home front. Mainly to report that they had such a good time that they extended the holiday a day at a time. Even on Tuesday afternoon, because then they checked out at the hotel. They called the house to let them know that they would be arriving later that day.

Around 7:30 pm, the two of them came to collect their belongings from the hotel and left. But this was the last time they were seen for a long time. Her father went to meet them at the station in Liege, but no one seemed to come. An investigation Thursday evening showed that Benedict and Leah were indeed there.

Make friends on the train

But from there they apparently left for the apartment of the people they met on the train. Wonderful, because, according to our information, Leah had to be delivered to her father’s house on Tuesday evening. The police were immediately notified and searched for the two with all their might.

The investigators were puzzled at first. And here and there he feared the worst. But the story now has a happy ending. “We still had many questions,” says Julian’s brother-in-law and sister, Laurie. We don’t know yet who the people she stayed with. However, Benedict did not call the police himself. We need to rest now to process all of this.” A close relative assured us earlier that it was not the first time a mother had disappeared for a few days without telling her family.

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