‘I lost seven children and found one’: Gripping testimonies after the Congo floods | outside

Nearly 400 bodies have been recovered in Congo after floods and landslides. Heavy rains on Thursday caused rivers in the east of the country to overflow their banks. Several villages were flooded, many houses were swept away, and fields were destroyed. The testimonies from Nyamukobe village are heartbreaking.

Congolese doctor and Nobel laureate Denis Mukwege, whose hospital is located in the regional capital Bukavu, has sent a medical team to the disaster area.

Two days ago, floods also occurred in neighboring Rwanda. They cost the lives of at least 131 people.

Muchaloza Kampili lost his seven children. © Screenshot

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday during a visit to neighboring Burundi that the region will experience increasingly severe weather due to climate change. The floods are “another example of accelerating climate change, and its dramatic impact on countries not primarily responsible for the warming.”

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