United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | May Mueller – I Wrote A Song

‘I wrote a song,’ sings May Mueller. The United Kingdom, the host country and closing number for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, is celebrating the song with a visual display. There’s a story behind the scene: a little girl at the piano, a young singer-songwriter in a London pub, a broken heart triumphant. Five steps towards a (Eurovision) song.

Step 1: Start singing
You were born in 1997 in Kentish Town, North West London. Your name: Holly Mae Mueller. You grow up in a complicated home situation: divorced parents, four brothers from different families. Singing is a part of you from childhood; You weren’t even eight years old when you wrote your first song. Two years later, you, the girl in green, In the video clip By Grace Kelly From Mika. You said in a recent interview that you still have that dress.

Step 2: Believe
After art school you get confused. During the day you work in a pub (‘I was a lousy bartender; I could tap a beer, I couldn’t do anything else.’), in the evening you write your songs, which you share on Soundcloud. Sometimes there are reservations, always for small rooms, a few hundred people. But slowly you make contacts, you get opportunities, you grab them. The company allows you to record two EPs and several singles, accumulating views (now in the millions) on YouTube and TikTok. You’ll be supporting Little Mix, a girl group formed in 2011 The X Factor UK As a success, small arenas became twenty-thousand-seat arenas. Your biggest hit to date will continue in 2021: the single Best days To become a hit in America, you perform The Voice US And Jimmy Fallonand recommended An MTV and VMA award.

Step 3: Write
A year later you’re in the studio with Louise Thompson and Karen Poole, songwriters/producers with whom you often collaborate. You later say of the day: ‘We had fun. In any case, I want you to let go of the idea that every singer-songwriter has to do something clever every day as soon as possible. You can write something a hundred and fifty, two hundred days a year. All you need is one banger.’ Someone in that room, maybe Karen, The process was filmed. Fortunately, this is the day the ‘banger’ arrives because: I wrote a song. Song Summary: What can you do when someone cheats on you and breaks your heart? ‘You may have been scolded in the street in front of your house. I could have wrecked your Mercedes, I could have sat at home alone and cried, telling all your friends what you did to me. Instead I wrote a song.’

Step 4: Go to the Eurovision Song Contest
Written by you I wrote a song You talk to people, not for the Eurovision Song Contest, but on the advice of Louis and Karen, and as you say: ‘All the stars were right.’ So you’ve been chosen to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. At the Liverpool Arena where you’ve already performed as a support act for Little Mix. Weeks before winning the Eurovision Song Contest I wrote a song In the UK table – This is the first time in over ten years that a British Eurovision song has won in its home country. In interviews before the Eurovision Song Contest, you’re happy. “I’ve been writing my own music professionally for about five or six years now, and I thought I knew a lot about songwriting. But I’ve been learning a lot from this whole process. Eurovision was a kind of boot camp, rather than how I got in. I know I will come out better as an artist.

Step 5: Be the last person to leave the stage
You may also be the last to perform during the grand finale. I wrote a song Brings a visual spectacle to the stage, because you know: not only the number of the song, but everything around it counts. You put the same people in the choreography who danced with the singer when she met Chanel Slow-mo Spain finished third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Nothing stands a chance. You are May Muller, you wrote a song and with that song you turned off the lights in Liverpool as a real hostess.

Photo: Harry Carr/Capital/EMI

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