I shook the secret door of the shrine site and the complete puzzle guide

If you are wondering where to find the secret door in Fortnite, you have come to the right place. The Fortnite Indiana Jones missions are now live, giving all Battle Pass owners the opportunity to unlock the adventurer and his many cosmetic items for themselves in a total of 10 Indiana Jones missions. But one of the challenges requires you Find the secret door to the main room of the Intermittent ShrinesNew attraction starting July 6th. This is a very difficult puzzle worthy of Indiana Jones, but don’t worry. If you can survive the first onslaught of the fallen players there—or better yet, work together—then a solution is at hand. Here’s how to find the secret door in Fortnite.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines Secret Door Location

Entering the secret door after the main room is a multi-step process, not one that can be solved while other players fight around you – these location-specific challenges make the landing sites very hot for the first time. a day or so. When you land in Shuffled Shrines, the new landmark east of the Rocky Reels, see if you can stock up and hide some items or fight your way to safety.

Once the dust settles, you will find a locked stone door in the center of the site. In front of him are four stones that can be turned over, with a strange symbol on each side. To open the door you have to turn the bricks so that each one shows the correct symbol on the side facing away from the door. The important thing to note here is: The solution changes every round.

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This was the only solution we had, but it probably isn’t a solution for you! Read the complete guide to solving a Fortnite puzzle.

But that’s fine, because whatever the solution for your private tour, it’s available nearby too. Four boulders scattered all over the shrines scattered beside the vibrant white lights emerging from the ground. If you are near one of them, you will hear a bang. You need to find these 4 stones and save the symbols on each of them (or take a picture on your phone). Look for stones in the following places:

  • Underground in the southwest
  • On the ground floor in the northwest
  • Under a makeshift red tent in the northeast
  • Underground platform in the Middle East

In the map below, we have identified these rocks and numbered them in the order you want to keep them. With these four symbols in mind, head to the central rock door. Turn the stones at the center door so that the symbols in this location match the symbols you found around the POI. The southwest code is the first from the left, the northwest code is the second, the northeast code is the third, and the middle east code is last. With these four squares set to display the correct icons in the correct order, you’ll unlock the main room…but you’re not done yet.

Click to expand. You must match the rock symbols in this order at the main entrance.


While running in the hallway, Run fast through the wreckage or carefully skip the floor traps (dark tiles), otherwise you will be hit with arrows along the way. If you have less than 200 health, these arrows will kill you, but you can survive if you reach 200 health and each part of the arrow only lets you hit once, which you can do by running in the hallway.

As soon as you enter the room you will see an artifact – A Shiny golden tomato cup. Pick it up to see the room start shaking violently, but don’t worry, there are no more traps coming for you. While, Look to the right of the artifact for some plants and thick green vines on the wall.

To the right of the artifact you will find a hidden passage, the vibrations from removing the artifact will collapse the wall and allow you to enter the secret room.
To the right of the artifact you will find a hidden passage, the vibrations from removing the artifact will collapse the wall and allow you to enter the secret room.

Approach it and you will see that you can walk through it to another entrance. Jump through the crack in the wall to your left or smash the now broken wall (thanks to the vibrations) by yourself. Discover the secret room, which will be complete with two rare chests. Well done Andy. Another adventure completed, and this time you didn’t lose your hat.

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