Lenovo’s updated ThinkBook Plus has a more practical E Ink screen

Then there’s the pen: you’ll be able to draw or take notes on the second screen just like last time, but there are some noticeable changes to remember. For example, the stylus is placed inside the notebook this time, instead of magnetically – and somewhat awkwardly – snap to the side of the screen. Most importantly, the stylus can also be configured to launch specific apps once it is removed from its cover, a step that makes it no different from one of Samsung’s S Pens.

Meanwhile, the rest of the machine is standard stuff for a road warrior. Equip it with up to an 11th generation Intel Core i7 chipset and 1TB of storage, while 16GB RAM, built-in UHD graphics, WiFi 6, and 2W Harman Kardon stereo speakers , And two Thunderbolt Compatible USB 4- C ports are shared across all configurations. Lenovo says you can expect to use up to 15 hours of ThinkBook Plus’s 53Whr battery, although you can squeeze out a much longer life from this laptop if you only use an E Ink display – think 24 hours or so.

The original ThinkBook Plus was charming in its weirdness, but some software options and features from Lenovo seemed inconsistent with the laptop’s business focus. This time, though, the company hasn’t just clarified the functionality of that second screen – it has focused on it. Sure, that means it’s less fun than before, but hey: these changes make the Gen 2 i an easier sell-off to IT departments, and a great conversation start for the pros who end up with these things.

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