WhatsApp comes with a screen lock on PC and Mac

WhatsApp changes almost constantly, but only on your phone. Soon there will be an update to the desktop app that will give you a lot more privacy.

You can not only install WhatsApp on your phone, but also on your laptop or computer. The disadvantage of the desktop version is that all your messages are open and exposed on your desktop and it is hardly protected. your phone? It’s tucked away in your pocket, with possibly a WhatsApp lock on top. A new feature, available in the beta version of WhatsApp, now makes up for this shortcoming.

She said the feature is currently being rolled out to a select number of beta users WaBetaInfo. The feature is supposed to roll out to more users in the coming days. Over time, the upgrade will also apply to regular WhatsApp users.

So what exactly is new? WhatsApp introduces a screen lock for its desktop client. With this, you will be able to lock WhatsApp completely, just like on iOS and Android. Are you setting up such a screen? Then WhatsApp will ask for your password when you try to open the app. Forgot your password? After that, you can temporarily disconnect the desktop application from your account and then reconnect it to your smartphone.

The security feature has been in development for a long time and has been tested internally for quite some time. Not using a trial version of WhatsApp? It’s hard to say how long you have to wait to use the screen lock. You can assume that the job will also be available to you once it is 100% ready.

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